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Who is ZM Digital?

We’re a talented team with a breadth of experience in a wide variety of disciplines…
UX, System Architecture, Mobile & Desktop Applications.


Well, it’s simple. Our entire livelihood as a company is based on much more than simply building a website or improving an interface. We strive to not only deliver the best solutions, but also create the much needed value our clients are looking for. We offer solutions targeted at each company’s unique problem. In today’s world, it takes more than a pretty picture to enhance a brand or push our clients to the next level.

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  • Video Games

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Our Business.

We’re a creative team of designers, developers and strategists that work together to create industry leading technology solutions.

While our experiences have taken us into a variety of industries (Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Telecom, etc) our principles have remained intact. Our first order of business is to always gain a deep understanding of the problem(s) we are trying to solve.


ZM Digital is a software consulting studio that designs and builds applications that solve real-world problems. Have you ever wondered why some things seem so hard when you’re working on a computer? Well so have we. And we are setting out to fix these things, one product at a time.


We marry excellent design aesthetics with first-rate user experience design. This allows us to design and build beautiful UIs that help individuals & businesses achieve better results. We tailor our solutions to provide maximum value for every business we partner with.


Our products are designed and built to improve results. This could mean faster systems, improved sales, or even an overhauled workflow. Regardless of the delivery, our attention to detail and execution is second to none.


We’re an experienced and talented team dedicated to delivering industry leading solutions…
We take pride in crafting digital products that provide value for all of our business partners.

Zach Mulholland
Strategy Guy

Zach is UX trained and comes by it honestly. He’s the guy that takes difficult things and tries to find ways to make them easier. He collaborates with our clients and translates the learnings into actionable design(s) our team can execute.

Senthil Avanasi
Architecture Genius

Senthil’s knack for thinking through complete systems early in the development process have proved to be invaluable. The combination of his business acumen and technical skills result in simply amazing work. (The verdict is still out on whether he sleeps or not).

Mike Splawski
Mobile Ninja

Android? iOS? No problem. Mike’s mobile experience speaks for itself. He leads all of our mobile efforts and has never failed to deliver a high quality product. (I think it’s partly due to all of the Starbucks he drinks).


In today’s market place, it takes more than a pretty picture to push your business to the next level…
Below you’ll find just a few of the ways ZM Digital can help improve your business.

Mobile Applications

It's 2015, your work should be at your finger tips.

  • Modernized workflows
  • Industry leading mobile technologies
  • Android / iOS

Web Applications

Help us help you. We're here to help you work smarter.

  • Faster Systems
  • Improved Results
  • Smarter Business Processes

User Experience (UX) Strategy

When it's done right, it will feel like magic.

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Value Proposition

Growth Strategies

We’ve seen what it takes for companies of all sizes to be successful. We’ll help pave the path to ensure our clients reach new heights.

Idea Creation

Can’t put your finger on what exactly has your business stuck? We’re here to help you find opportunities and finally address those nagging issues.

Technology Training

Already have a team/process in place, but somethings just not working? We can help your business fill gaps and advance your brand.


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